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Member database, website builder, online store, events management, online payments and subscriptions

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What can you do with Meeps?

Create a membership site

An all-in-one no-code tool for running an online community or membership program:

✅ Your marketing website

✅ Member registration 

✅ Payments (one-time, monthly, annually)

✅ Member directory 

✅ Sending invites to Slack, Discord, forums

✅ Creating and sending member newsletters

✅ Earn revenue from sponsors

✅ Post events and accept rsvps

🤞 Coming soon: job board!

Demo: MegaMaker community

Provide early-access to your product

Launching a new software product, and looking to get pre-sales? Use Meeps for:

✅ Building a waiting-list

✅ Sending early-access invites

✅ Getting early-access payments

✅ Creating subscriptions in Stripe

✅ Early supporters directory

✅ Sending invites to Slack, Discord

✅ Creating and sending email updates

Demo: Meeps

Build a community around your product

Meeps makes it easy to start a community for your business or product:

✅ User registration

✅ User profiles and directory

✅ Send invites to Slack, Discord, forums

✅ Send automated welcome emails

✅ Send email newsletters

✅ Get corporate sponsors

Demo: BYVI community


Integrate with outside tools

✅ Subscriber registration + payments

✅ Write and send free newsletters

✅ Write and send paid newsletters

✅ Invite subscribers to private Slack, Discord, forums

✅ Send automated welcome emails

✅ Get sponsors for your newsletter

Demo: Joshua Anderton's newsletter