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Here are the latest changes and improvements we've made to Meeps!

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New Feature: Events

Now you can manage events and RSVPs via your Meeps community! Here's a quick walkthrough of the feature.
Joshua Anderton 8 months ago

📣 Community Call To Action Setting

Define, in one place, what the main CTA will be for your public community website!
Joshua Anderton 10 months ago

🎙 New Feature: Community Podcast Page

Now you can display your podcast feed on a special page in your community site! Here's a quick video on how to set it up.
Joshua Anderton 10 months ago

🔗 New Feature: Collaborate on community "Lists"

Now you can create custom resource lists and invite your members to add list items. For example, you could have a list called "Projects" and everyone in the community can post the various projects they are working on for others in the community to see!
Joshua Anderton 10 months ago